_Our Mission
The Center for Resilience is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to improving the resilience of industrial systems and the environments in which they operate. In a nutshell, we believe that short-term risk management and long-term sustainability are two ends of the enterprise resilience continuum.

To pursue our mission, we have joined forces with a powerful network of engineers, scientists, and business scholars at The Ohio State University and collaborating institutions, leveraging over $20 million in ongoing research programs. For in-depth information about OSU’s broad range of resources, please visit the OSU sustainability website.

_Co-Directors of the Center for Resilience

Dr. Joseph Fiksel

Executive Director

(614) 688 - 8155


Dr. Bhavik Bakshi

Research Director

(614) 292 - 4904


Center for Resilience:

1971 Neil Ave., Room 210, Columbus, OH 43210

(614) 688-8155

Center for Resilience External Advisory Board

Terry Cullum    Director, Auto/Steel Partnership
Director (retired), Environment & Energy, General Motors
Glenn Hammer   Principal, Redstone Group
Vice President (retired), EHS & Engineering, Ashland
Alan Hecht Director, Sustainability Research & Development
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Mike Long President, Resource100
Executive Director (Retired), Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio
Andy Mangan Executive Director,
U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development
Jed Shilling Chairman, Millennium Institute
Senior Economist (retired), World Bank
Jim Thomas Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, JC Penney
Jerry Tinianow Director, Center for Energy and Environment
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
Mark Bueltmann Manager, Sustainable Supplier Development
American Electric Power
Warren Wolf, Chairman Chief Scientist (retired), Owens Corning
Darrell Zavitz Vice President, Business Process Services, Supply Chain and Customer Service, Dow Chemical

Faculty Collaborators

The Center for Resilience strives to encourage university-wide interdisciplinary collaboration on topics of national significance. The Center has established effective working relationships with a wide array of faculty members in various OSU colleges, departments, and centers.

College of Engineering
L.S. Fan
Chemical & Biomolecular Eng.
Clean Coal Combustion Technologies
Marc Posner
Integrated Systems Engineering
Optimization of by-product synergy networks
Suvrajeet Sen
Integrated Systems Engineering
Modeling of complex energy systems
Dave Woods
Integrated Systems Engineering
Resilience Engineering in High-Performance Organizations
Ted Allen
Integrated Systems Engineering
Statistical Modeling of Dynamic Systems
Dave Farson
Integrated Systems Engineering
Life Cycle Analysis for Manufacturing Operations
Phil Smith
Integrated Systems Engineering
Integrated Design in Complex Systems
Tarunjit Butalia
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Coal Combustion Products Extension
Conversion of Wastes into Useful Byproducts
Hal Walker
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Research Center
Environmental sustainability modeling & analysis
Bill Wolfe
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Structural applications of combustion products
Rabi Mishalani
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Resilience in transportation infrastructure
Linda Weavers
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Energy and Environmental Sustainability
J.M. Guldmann
City and Regional Planning
Resilience Modeling in Urban Systems
Maria Conroy
City and Regional Planning
Sustainability planning and education
Jack Nasar
City and Regional Planning
Resilient and Sustainable Architectural Design
Rajiv Ramnath
Computer Science and Engineering, Center for Enterprise Transformation and Integration
Resilience modeling and information technology
Jay Ramanathan
Computer Science and Engineering,
Center for Enterprise Transformation and Integration
Resilience modeling and information technology
Giorgio Rizzoni
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Center for Automotive Research
Sustainable mobility technology development
Fisher College of Business
Peter Ward
Management Sciences, Center for Operational Excellence
Resilience in Manufacturing Systems
Doug Lambert
Marketing & Logistics, Global Supply Chain Forum
Environmental excellence in supply chain processes
Keely Croxton
Marketing & Logistics, Global Supply Chain Forum
Supply chain resilience assessment & management
Rao Unnava
Marketing & Logistics
Sustainable enterprise education
Karen Wruck
Management & Human Resources
Sustainable enterprise education
Curtis Haugtvedt
Marketing & Logistics
Consumer psychology
Neil Drobny
Management & Human Resources
Sustainable enterprise education
Oded Shenkar
Management & Human Resources
International business collaboration
College of Food, Agriculture,
and Environmental Sciences
Stephen Myers
Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center
Development of bio-based products and materials
Bill Mitsch
Olentangy Wetlands Research Park
Resilience in ecological systems
Fred Hitzhusen
Ag., Env. and Dev. Economics
Economic modeling of energy systems
Mario Miranda
Ag., Env. and Dev. Economics
Resilience in infrastructure systems
Tim Haab
Ag., Env. and Dev. Economics
Economic modeling for life cycle assessment
Rattan Lal
School of Env. & Natural Resources,
Carbon Management and Sequestration Center
Carbon flows in terrestrial systems, soil resilience
Floyd Schanbacher
Ohio Agricultural R&D Center
Systems for conversion of biomass into energy
Casey Hoy
Ohio Agricultural R&D Center
Agro-ecosystems - integrated policy council
College of Mathematical and
Physical Sciences
Doug Alsdorf
School of Earth Sciences
Carbon, water & climate science
Prem Goel
Department of Statistics
Environmental and spatial statistics
John Glenn School of Public Affairs
Andy Keeler
Environmental Policy Analysis
Anand Desai
Complex, adaptive system modeling
Kathy Sullivan
Battelle Center for Mathematics & Science Education Policy
System dynamics modeling for science and engineering education


The following is a list of key graduate students and recent graduates working on Center for Resilience projects.

Maria Aguilera
M.S. Candidate, Integrated Systems Engineering
Industrial ecology modeling

Fernando Bernal
M.S. Candidate, Cognitive Systems Engineering

Anil Baral
Ph.D., Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Ecological life cycle assessment

Joe Bolinger
Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science & Engineering
Tool development for industrial ecology and life cycle assessment

Jun-Ki Choi
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Economic input-output modeling

Emrah Cimren
Ph.D. Candidate, Integrated Systems Engineering
Industrial ecology and sustainable system modeling

Geoff Grubb
Ph.D. Candidate, Integrated Systems Engineering
Ecological life cycle assessment

Vikas Khanna
Ph.D. Candidate, Integrated Systems Engineering
Ecological life cycle assessment

Tricia Petras
Ph.D., Glenn School of Public Affairs
Sustainable design for the health sciences campus

Tim Pettit
Ph.D. Candidate, Marketing & Logistics
Resilience assessment for supply chain management

Ravishankar Rajagopalan
Ph.D. Candidate, Integrated Systems Engineering
Life cycle assessment and life cycle cost analysis

Kieran Sikdar
M.Sc., Integrated Systems Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering
Industrial ecology modeling and carbon footprint assessment

Yi Zhang
Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Ecological life cycle assessment

_OSU Resources

College of Engineering

Ranked among the top 20 engineering programs in the nation, OSU offers a full range of expertise in aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental, and industrial systems engineering, as well as architecture and computer science. Advanced interdisciplinary research is thriving in areas such as polymers and composites, automotive systems, information technology, advanced design and manufacturing methods, human factors, and nanotechnology.

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

This historic college has adopted an innovative "Ecological Paradigm" pyramid model built on four areas of focus: production efficiency, economic viability, environmental compatibility, and social responsibility. Faculty strengths include natural resource management, plant and animal biology, soil science, food science, engineering, economics, sociology, education and communications.

Fisher College of Business

Fisher College is ranked among the top 20 business schools in the nation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Areas of excellence include lean manufacturing, supply chain management, marketing, and international business.

The Colleges of the Arts and Sciences

These five colleges make up the academic core of the university: Arts, Humanities, Biological Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The relevant research centers are listed below.